Welcome to Fort Telemek!

Deep in the southern forests of the Telemekian penisula sits a Lightly defended Mandoran Fort. This fort provides a center of trade with the barbarians and a last link to civiliztion in these savage lands. A half dozen years ago a group of adventurers made a name for themselves fighting an organization known only as “the Chaosiam.” Those adventurers traveled south to the Frissian Abby deep in the Badoran lands across the lake and never returned.

The journal of Sionel, one of the original adventurers, mysteriously appeared in the hands of one of her first companions, an elf named Tahllian. ‘Lian, hiding in Dragonmarch from assassins, delivered the book to his mother in Mandor and asked if she could help find his missing friends. ‘Lain’s mother could do little to help but his sister took up the task. This is the tale of her and the compainions she gathered in the return to Fort Telemek.

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The Return to Fort Telemek

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